The Perfect Man

You know, I came up with another name for myself. It is called, List Junkie.

I'm thinking of a list of things I want to do once I get out of the army. Things I couldn't do because of the army.

Not that the list is to long, but still, I think I need to add to it. The number one thing I'm going to do is something funky with my hair. And I mean like really funky. I'm not certain what though, becuase honestly, by the time I do get out of the military, I'll be, what, 25? Perhaps even 27?

I may be a little to old for things like that.

Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about the opposite sex. You know, the people who have different anatomical features from myself? And I was thinking about what my ideal guy would be.

Which is kind of wierd to think about, because I probably wouldn't know him if I saw him. I mean, there was this guy in high school that really liked me but I wasn't ready for anything yet, and I look back on him now and think "what was I thinking? He was totally the coolest guy, why didn't I clutch onto him more?"

Well, he's married with a kid, so he's out of the running. I'm not some kinky slut into married men, they are considered OFF LIMITS.

Anyway, what I would like in a guy.

  • I want him to be a GUY. - yes, a given. I mean, come on, some girls are into the whole thing of a guy being sweet and sensitive and romantic and charming and all that other crap. Being the anti romantic, I actually am attracted to guys for what they are. Guys. I mean, if the guy is too sensitive, I have a fear that he has homosexual tendencies, and although I have plenty of friends that are homosexuals, for the obvious reasons, I don't see them as dating material. I like to be certain that my guy is actually into me. In other words, for my guy, if he's into video games and sports, then I'm all for that. I expect that of guys. Its what guys do!
  • Gung ho - Even though I don't act on it as much as I would like to, I really like a guy who is a thrill seeker. You know the kind, the ones who are in the mountain dew commercials. There, that is my kind of guy!
  • Somewhere between 5'5" and 6' - I don't like my guys towering over me, but then again, I don't wish to tower over them either. I think 6' feet would be my max height, and then I start to get a little intimidated. No thank you. Short guys are ok, as long as they are compatible with my 5'4" frame.
  • Body Type - lean and toned. Ok, I'm not into the muscle guys that have no necks. No really, I'm not. (but if I met the right guy and he was like that, I'd take him anyway, looks aren't everything, I dig personality more.) I like guys who are kind of just average, but a toned upper body is a plus. I go weak at the knees and start drooling. Because I am a big fan of a guys' upper body. It's dead sexy!
  • Moral Standing - Ok, because of the way I was raised, and the fact that it kind of stuck, I would like a guy who was honest and if we happened to one day be married, I would be it. I have a lot of trouble trusting people, and infidelity would be a big downer for me, I don't know how i could take it. I would like to have a guy who sees a lot of the same with me as I do with him. Plus, I play hard to get and I'm not into a guy who only thinks about the next time he'll be laid. Unfortunately, I fear this contradicts with my first tick mark in dealing with my guy. Anyway, my morals are kind of etched into who I am. That's kind of an important thing for me when dealing with somebody I may foresee spending the rest of my life with.
  • Drug use minimal - I understand that we all make mistakes, a lot of people experiment and try things, and I'm willing to look past all that. This one kind of goes with the one above in a lot of ways. If somebody has done some things in the past, well, as long as it stays in the past, I'm ok if he's done some things he probably shouldn't have. As long as he didn't do anything that he's prone to relapse into. I would also prefer somebody who didn't make a living out of, say, the porn industry. That would be going a little to far, and coincide with Moral Standing.
  • Looks - Really, to tell you the honest truth, looks don't really cut it for me. Sure, if I dated a guy who was all looks and a killer bod, he better have a personality to match. I'm much more into a personality that rocks then a guy who is only into himself and nothing else.
  • Financial - Ok, I'm not a gold digger. I don't care if a guy makes a hundred grand a year or if he's working a blue collar job just trying to earn a living. The point is, I'm more impressed that he's actually trying to make it and do something for himself. If he still lives at home, he better have a decent excuse for it (because hey! I still live at home for crying out loud! I can't be a hypocrit here!) But still, I'm not a demanding person and I don't care about driving a brand new car and living in a big house on the hill. money does not make me happy, I'm more into being in the company of another human being who shares some of the same likes and dislikes that I enjoy, and would rather spend money doing things then buying things to show off. That's all nothing else. Just as long as we make enough to pay the bills and put food in our mouths and a roof over our heads, I'm ok with that. And then we can buy a few things on the side just to go places and have some fun.
  • Political - He needs to be a moderate liberal to conservative. I don't want an extreme conservative. I would go nuts. And I don't think we'd go far if he was very far to the left either. Even if we vowed to not talk politics, it is inevitable that we would eventually get into political discussions and I have a tendency to talk politics. I would appreciate not having to worry about pissing off my significant other.
  • Religion - Erm, it would be nice if he were Mormon, because I was raised mormon. But seeing how I'm not the staunchiest follower of the mormon faith and haven't been for some time now, I wouldn't want to have to worry about impressing his family or living up to his expectations of sainthood trying to make it to the celestial kingdom. Truthfully, I've been in a questioning phase for a while now. It would be tough to live with a guy who's been on the straight and narrow all of his life and never faltered far. If he's not mormon, I just hope he's not in a faith that is out to recruit every living person on the face of the earth like, well, like the mormons do. Because I don't want to have to worry about that. I'd rather date an agnostic.
  • Race - This is some place where I'm entirely open. Race knows no bounderies with me, just as long as he doesn't follow the stereotypical race patterns of, well, take any minority and put it next to its stereotype. Er, no. For one, I'd rather be able to understand what he says.
  • Education - High school diploma would be nice. College degree would be great, just the show that he's out for the betterment of himself is a plus. But bear in mind, I'd rather him get a degree in a field that makes hardly any money and love what he does then him to get a degree in something that he hates, make a ton of money, and be miserable. But if the right guy came along, hey, I'm open if he's at least tried the college thing. Or made a shot at some viable career. I'm into military guys by the way. I think they are dead sexy.
  • Perfect date would be a game of LaserTag, or snowboarding - No, I'm serious. I think dinner and a movie is fine and all, dinner's a great time to talk, but I really enjoy somebody's company who enjoys doing the things I like to do. And I'm a tomboy at heart, always have been, always will be. I enjoy getting out there and doing things, like camping and stuff. I would love my honemoon to be in Canada out in the wilderness.
  • Snowboarder a Plus - I love snowboarding. I would love to date and perhaps marry a man who was a lot better at it then I was, and had a passion for it like I do. that would help me to become better. If he wasn't a snowboarder, I think I would like somebody who was willing to give it a shot and stick with it till they got better (guys seem to have a penchant for picking up things like that). It wouldn't be a bad thing to make that a date or something, go snowboarding!
  • At least a little Geek at heart - I'm a geek. I'll admit it. If I date a geek, I'm into that! If I date the type of guy who was all jock and no geek in high school, you know, the 'cool' guy, I think I would go nuts. I don't think we would get along (but maybe). I'm a geek! I like geeky things! If he has some geeky tendencies, all the better!
  • Takes me for me - Insanity and all. Yes, I've got quirks up the yahoo, I do things that make myself squirm in frustration. There are a lot of things that I do that drive myself nuts. And unfortunately, no matter what I do, it looks like it ain't changing any time soon. So basically, this is a big factor. I know I got some problems, I want my guy to be the kind that will stick with me when I blow up and freak out and start talking to myself. Because, through and through, I'm still a girl. Damn it.

I may have missed a couple of spots, but that is my guy in a nutshell. Unfortunately, I hear that everyone's mr. right is hard to find. I'm sure he's out there somewhere.

Not that I'm some major hot chick with a killer body. I would like to think I'm fun, maybe a little to spontanious, and I have more then my fair share of 'blonde moments.'

Is this to much to ask for in a guy? Are there any guys out there like that? Or are they all taken?

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