Hard Drive Recovery

I may have mentioned my hard drive failures, being in the business of failing to back up my information, I lost a portable hard drive October of last year and in March my laptop fizzled out on me and died, taking a lot of information with it (mostly in the way of stories I've written as well as a few pictures).

A couple of the stories I bucked up and counted them into my losses, when recently I realized there was another story in there that I had been working on that I didn't want to lose. Plus, well, all the notes to my comic that I haven't touched in probably six months were on there too. But there was no way I could see paying nearly two grand getting this information recovered.

So I did some research online and found a company that does the same thing for considerably less. Granted, it would be nice to not have to recover the information in the first place, *let this be a lesson to you kids, ALWAYS back up your information* but now it looks like they will have a lot of success recovering the information, or so they have told me.

If all goes well, I'll be sure to write up something snazzy in regards to them and their service. If it doesn't, well, I'm just hoping they can get my information.

I'm just going to try NOT to be let down in case it turns out to not be recoverable, but they told me thus far that my laptop drive has a 60% chance of recovery.

That's better then it sitting in a box in the bottom of my desk!

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