Looking Back on this Blog

This week has been pretty low key, mostly because of the planning for the funeral and I went back to my civilian job which is pretty much a no-brainer.

I also set myself up to a task that I've been working on all week. Ripping my existing CDs. When I first got my job, it had an awesome discount on CDs and DVDs that isn't quite as awesome anymore. But I realized I don't listen to but a few CDs so I ripped every last one of them and plan to sell the ones I'm not as fond of back to my work and I can buy christmas with the proceeds this year.

When I went through my CDs, I found a couple mix CDs that had been made for me by complete and total strangers who just followed my blog and wrote me in a pen pal fashion.

I look back and I don't think I properly thanked people for what they did for me through this blog. One person sent me a box of Godiva Chocolates anonymously and I never even mentioned it on here, though I probably should have because there was no other way of thanking that person for sending them to me. But I didn't know if this was the apropriate place to say what I recieved from people, I thought I might be gloating. Not to mention the tons of stuff people sent me through my Amazon Wishlist.

And when my server crashed because of the discovery of my blog with over 40,000 hits in one day, just about three years ago, total strangers banded up and sent me over one thousand dollars to pay my server bills and keep my blog going. It was becuase of that I felt obligated to continue my blog through my deployment, people paid me to keep it going. I never mentioned the exact amount I had recieved becuase I didn't know if it was appropriate, it sounded kind of haughty to me to mention all of the goodwill people sent me through my blog.

I don't really recieve a whole lot through my blog these days, and I don't expect it either becuase I really don't need anything through it to be honest. But it was a needed source of encouragement and support during my deployment which wasn't always smooth sailing but should have been a lot easier then it was.

In fact, I don't thank a lot of the people that read it then still read my endless musings and the little mundane stories about my life, but none the less, to the mixed cds, the chocolates, all the movies and books through amazon, and the generous donations from complete and total strangers, Thank You.

This blog has kind of evolved into several things through the course of its lifetime, at one point it was strictly a ranting board from which I could vent my feelings and frustrations or muse about idiocracies I've faced and it's become more of a journal about my life with less ramblings and far less political content.

I'll probably maintain this blog until the day I die, and it will probably metamorphosis into something else completely in that time.

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