The Traditional Hair Cut after Army Training

Things were very interesting as a drill sergeant, especially considering truthfully I don't look like one. But whatever the case, I came home to the same issue I generally come home to after spending a certain amount of time in uniform.

I come home to my hair looking like crap. Keeping it up in a bun all of the time slicked back with ultra crisp hair goop so that it doesn't fall out with a little hair dingy that just pulls it out gives it that extra fried end look, and I have extremely thin hair to begin with so I knew that a hair cut was coming once I got back off the trail.

First, let's start at the beginning. So I've got ultra thin hair and its been a good seven or so months since I did any coloring so I'm just due for a refresher.

This is the longest my hair has been in a LONG time. But even with me loading it up with all sorts of hair products to see if I can resussitate some life into it, it's not happeneing. It looks limp and dead.

Although I'm looking the best I've probably looked in years, I like that drill sergeant weight control program. The privates don't eat crap, so you better not eat crap. The privates have to work out, so you work out with them. They run, and you are yelling at them while you run. I like that part of being a drill sergeant. Though as soon as I got home I found a bunch of uneaten halloween candy greeting me. Curses.

So back to the hair. I let my sister have at it, I was willing to let her chop it all off if she felt the need, but not the pre Kosovo length I had it when i mobilized back in 2005, but I needed it at a length where it was short enough to wear in uniform or long enough to pull back when I'm in uniform, because I still have that one weekend a month obligation.

So after highlighting it (which really brightens it up and makes me look a million times better then my sorry drab dishwater blonde color) she gave me a long A line bob. I can still throw it back into a pony tail and with some goop I can probably get it to cooperate while I'm in uniform.

I think it actually makes me look my age as well, instead of the 20 to 21 age range I was getting from freakin' privates. I should have told them I just graduated High School and see how they took it. That's probably what I will tell the privates next summer when they ask me how old I am.

In the meantime, I'll enjoy the fact that I look young and hopefully I can show enough discipline to keep working out and stay in shape. It's hard to get into the habit of working out to get into shape, I just have to maintain it, that shouldn't be so hard, should it be?

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