It's Snowing

2007/8 season was predicted to be spectacular with the October freeze spells in my neck of the woods. Unfortunately, November hit with a sudden heat spell (well, for winter conditions at least) that destroyed any hope of an early opening season for mountains in the area.

I have Wednesday off, I thought about finding an open mountain and getting a little time on the mountains.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that its been trying to snow for the last week, all mountains are at the moment closed.


I don't think I will get my little snow time in before BNCOC, as I leave in less then two weeks and I have a feeling I didn't request enough time off next week. Because I have drill on Saturday and Sunday, and I leave for BNCOC on Friday the following week, that leaves me with four days of non army obligations. It's the holiday season, I can tell you right now my precious time is going to be nabbed for working.

Oh, and I have completely reverted back to sleeping in til whenever I feel like getting up and staying up until the sun is about to rise. Which is the wrong answer, I know.

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