I got woke up early yesterday morning by my mother asking me if I wanted to go with her to the Airforce Base to attend an Airshow. At first I was still part asleep and didn't think much about going anywhere, but after I gained consciousness I decided that going to an Airshow sounded pretty cool after all.

Driving out to Fairchild through road construction and what not, we weren't sure how easy it would be to get on or what not, only to discover that they had it specifically set for the public. Easiest time I've ever had getting on an Airforce base truthfully.

First thing they had for the walkthrough was a C5.

I also found the F117 to be pretty flippen' sweet as well. They actually did three overhead passes with the F117. I know they didn't even go near what this jet is capable of.

Stealth bombers are pretty sweet. . .

We also got to see Tim Weber in action.

Didn't get a lot of good action shots of Tim Weber (check out his website for those) but I did get a photo opportunity plus a signed autograph. Autographs were something I started collecting in Kosovo.

Meanwhile, there were these old school pre world war II airplanes that they had flying in formations. They were pretty cool.

Getting ready for take-off.

And of course, the action shots. . .

They had the Canadian Skyhawks parachuting as well (dang, didn't get pictures) which was pretty cool. I have seen the Golden Knights before in San Antonio, some amazing stuff they do, makes me want to go airborne myself. *sighs*

The highlight of the show was of course the Thunderbirds. Precision flying is sweet, and what was also pretty cool is the fact that one of the pilots is a woman. That's pretty hoorah in my opinion, especially after you see what these people do.

Getting out of the Airforce base however, well, that was another adventure. They say that there were 30,000 people there or something insane like that. Meaning that traffic exiting the airforce base? Outragious.

Apparently one of my blog readers saw me there. I got an email from him after I got home asking me if perchance I had gone there, he thought he may have recognized me.

Small world. Still, an eventful day. Glad I decided to get up and go to it.

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