YNP : Family Affair

The family came and visited me in Yellowstone last weekend. Because they were here, I didn't get my usual internet time in until midweek because I wanted to hang out with them and enjoy yellowstone as a family.

I also kind of became the family tour guide.

On Friday I managed to get them a bit of a discount to come on the Cookout with me. While I was there working, I offered to give my niece a pony ride on one of the horses.

This is L3. He's got this strange brand on his butt which is where he got his name or so I think. Regardless, L3 is a weird name for a horse. I think we should call him El-Three-Pee-Oh or something like that.

My boss was mentioning that we had to get more seats for the Erickson Family reunion, though I did mention that we would need something like 20 seats if the whole family had made it.

Kids always find this little creek and play in it.

My niece and nephew like to cuddle with me, especially when we are seperated for more then a couple of weeks, and as long as both parents are right there with me.

In the meantime, while playing personal tour guide to my family the next day, we saw the Upper and Lower falls of the Yellowstone river.

Lower Falls!

And no family trip to Yellowstone is complete without a visit to Ol' Faithful!

However, despite how little known they are, the Hoodoos proved to be quite popular with the Family.

Quick pic next to the Yellowstone Sign.

And then its back to work for me. *sigh*

Work's not to bad, though. Things remain fun.

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