YNP : Parting Shots

Well, I guess I better come out and say it.

I'm no longer working at Yellowstone. I just came home this morning, ending the season a little early. I did enjoy the job, but there was some circumstances that came up that made me realize that I got what I wanted out of the job, I saw Yellowstone (though there are parts I'll have to go back to in the future and catch), I worked with horses and got them out of my system, and overall the season was good.

However, like all jobs, working at Yellowstone as a Wrangler was a job. It was a hard job with long days, and it wasn't always peaches and cream. I didn't always get along with my fellow wranglers (my interpersonal skills with my coworkers is something I could use some work on) and I kind of wished my exit went a bit different, but I realized that I needed to be home right now.

I didn't just up and quit (ok, so maybe I did), I did give it some thought, it was just something I needed to do. I think the one thing that bugs me about the whole circumstances is that I don't like the feeling fo quitting. However, apparently my family knew I was going to come home early, and overall, considering I just got back from Kosovo six months ago, I need to get my life in order with school this fall along with a bunch of other things that going away to Yellowstone caused some conflicts.

Overall, home is where I need to be. I can say I worked as a wrangler in Yellowstone, and now I really need to focus on the question. You know, the big question. What in the world am I going to do with my life?

Meanwhile, I learned a lot about Yellowstone. Here are some parting shots.

Sitting at the front of the wagon giving commentary. This is one of the few pictures I got of me doing this job, and I look like I'm about to eat somebody or something.

Giving commentary for the Stage Coaches. My driver told me I gave a perfect 'pat' pose.

Rawhide and Me. Somebody I will truly miss, it was hard turning him loose for the last time.

One sight I really won't miss that much is the bison on the road.

Goodbye Yellowstone. Until we meet again.

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