YNP : Stagecoaches

One of my jobs is to know the history behind the stagecoach. We have a stagecoach here called the Tally-Ho Stagecoach, used to transport passengers from Gardiner to Mammoth Hotsprings at the turn of the century. These are replicas, but they are still pretty cool.

I haven't really worked much around the Stagecoach since I've been here, I think I'm going to ask for some time on it this week to get a feel for it, and to change up my day a bit. Besides, they're cool.

I was in West Yellowstone at one of their museums and saw a 4-in-Hand, and they allowed you to try on the white dusters, so I thought 'Kodak Moment!'

Hopefully I can work the stagecoach angle sometime this week. I think I'll talk to the boss about it. Sounds like fun. And I love working with the Drafts.

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