Cody Gun Museum

Last week, I was in Cody Wyoming. Unfortunately my camera was on its last leg as far as batteries were concerned and I couldn't get them recharged (it eats regular batteries as an appetizer for lunch) so I had to conserve my picture taking.

One thing I couldn't be snide on was the Cody Gun Museum. I knew some of my readers who know me from my infamous not sorry days (which has me pegged as a complete gun nut by a few people) would enjoy this. They likely even heard about it.

1500 Firearms. On the first floor.

Don't forget the additional 1200 on display in the basement!

Hand Guns, Rifles everywhere, and not a one to shoot! Just a history of firearms, every make and model you can think of.

If you make it into Cody Wyoming sometime in your life, the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in general is worth a look, five museums in one. Good times had by all!

Including the resident Gun Nut.

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