YNP : Water Falls

Ok, so there is the lower and upper falls. They are pretty darn famous in fact. Truth is, there are over 200 water falls in Yellowstone. Exact numbers escape me, in fact, I don't know if anybody knows exactly how many waterfalls are in Yellowstone. I was just realizing how big Yellowstone was today. It started to annoy me.

Mostly because of driving from one place to the next. It gets old driving a hundred miles in a weekend.

This weekend, I saw a couple waterfalls.

Fairy Falls

Fairy Falls includes a bit of a hike through some burn area. Its just behind the Midway Geyser Basin which includes Grand Prismatic Spring and actually a rather pleasant stroll of about 5 miles. Knock off two miles by foot if you bring along a bike (I did). It seems you can park a bicycle at a trail head and people leave it alone. I was somewhat concerned about somebody taking off with it, but if they do, one less thing to haul back home with me.

Another 1.4 mile loop includes a trip to Imperial Geyser. Neat little geyser, definitely a recommended hike if you have the time in Yellowstone such as we employees do.

And on the way back, you can take a little climb up a hill and get a great view of Grand Prismatic Spring.

Definitely one of the coolest hot springs in the park (not literally of course, cool meaning neat). My family commented it was one of their favorite places in the park.

Mystic Falls

Mystic falls is also worth a view, behind the Biscuit Basin, catch a glimpse of Jewel Geyser while your at it. Jewel erupts every 7 to 10 minutes.

Two choices with this one. Hike straight to it and back, or you can take the loop and see the entire Upper Geyser basin. I saw Old Faithful Erupt from a fair distance away. Pretty cool.

I'll hit the geysers in another blog post.

Got another book that tells about Yellowstone Waterfalls. Plan on visiting a fair bit more of them.

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