Community Emergency Response Team.

The purpose of this course is in a case of a disaster, emergency response systems are fairly stretched thin. These people will go out into the community and help respond to those disasters and give out information when emergency teams such as the fire department are able to finally make their rounds. It could be something as simple as a severe thunderstorm, fires, snowstorms, or other weather related incidents.

They teach you how to work a fire extinguisher, what to do if you run into casualties, how to triage, do first aid, do light rescue, and provide psychological help to those victims who are severely stressed. Its seven weeks long, and I've got two more sessions after this and then I'm certified. Of course, its volunteer, but its information that is handy to know in case something happens and you don't have access to 911.

If you go check out your local Fire Station, you can see if there is a program set up by your city government to train you. It is a free class and actually very informative. Plus, its volunteer points.

Volunteering is good for the soul as well.

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