Ferret Blogging

Its Friday.

That means I update on the Ferrets.

Its actually taken me a couple of weeks to get used to the little carpet sharks, I was thinking maybe it was a mistake getting the two of them, but they've kind of settled into the place and I've gotten used to them. I've also gotten to know their little quirks so they aren't as overwhelming when they are out anymore. Like, make sure you put some newspapers down in the one corner because they'll ALWAYS go there. Also, have lots of air freshener on hand.

In fact, I'm glad I got the two because they often will keep each other company so I'll work on something and let them run amok.

And I can even get a picture of them now, though they still look around every which direction.

I often put Abby on my shoulders, and she'll usually be pretty good about staying perched up there for a few seconds (Blaine finds a way off as soon as you put him up there) but she also has a tendency to sniff your ear. Its kind of ticklish.

If you want to pose with Blaine, you have to hold him the old fashioned way.

I've got ferret leashes for them both and one of these days if there is something going on downtown I'm half tempted to take one of them with me and keep them in a backpack.

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