Moral Compass for Wavering Souls

If you have any question of whether or not you are watching something you aren't sure you should or shouldn't be, a good and handy way to figure out is if you hang a picture of Christ directly above your television. If you feel uncomfortable with what your watching while this picture is in your line of sight, you probably are.

Mind you, this will probably only work if you are Christian to begin with.

Warning - staring at these walls for long periods of time may produce migraine headaches

My mom bought us a picture of Christ for our house. I like it because it is very conservative and not in your face religious, just a simple painting of Christ. We had Brown hanging where it is now, but with this painting in the room instead, well, Brown got moved downstairs. For the reason stated in the opening comment.

We felt that Blue was still tame and appropriate enough to keep upstairs however.

We still feel comfortable enough to kill aliens and zombies on Xbox, however I have a feeling that if I want to finish the American Pie trilogy, I'll have to take it downstairs.

Or maybe just go through my DVD collection and tone it down.

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