Defining Success in Health

In Success Strategies, one of the initial assignments we were tasked with was to define success and what success meant to us in various areas, such as education, career, relationships and so forth. We were to answer and then respond to other people's definitions as well.

This was my definition of Health Success:
Health - Free of disease and independent in movement, keen use of all five senses, weight height proportional. The ability to run, jump and swim. I will consider my health failed when I can no longer endure riding a Snowboard.

One of my classmates didn't like my definition so much, as it was somewhat pessimistic. THis was her response to me.
I agree with you on some parts such as education and relationship but on your views on health when you get older and are no longer able to snowboard will your health be poor then? I feel I live a clean drug free lifestyle and even though I might not be able to climb mountains or ski that I'm still healthy. Perhaps though when you get older and are no longer able to snowboard that you will find another hobby or something that will mean just as much to you as snowboarding.

Well, I fear I had to clarify what I meant. So I did.
The health comment about snowboarding was a bit tongue-in-cheek, mostly because I never really thought about this question and right now that's one of my motivators in life.

However, looking at my history, Snowboarding may be hazardous to my health! So far I've ended up in the Emergency Room twice on account of running headfirst into a tree (battle scar on chin to prove it) and coming home with Global Transient Amnesia (true story!). And I still Snowboard! Call me crazy, everyone does.

Ah yes, I probably won't live to see old age at this rate, so when I finally become paralyzed from my adventures in snowboarding, I'll consider my health finally failed. If I retire from snowboarding in good health and all my brain cells in tact, then I'll consider my health a 'success'.

Though if Snowboarding doesn't get me, the military might.

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