Air Time

Went Snowboardign again. Fourth time this season. Yes, I'm starting to pick up momentum now that I'm on a roll.

I went with my sister and her neighbor, who is actually a pretty good snowboarder. I prefer to go with me at my level or better because it really encourages me to get better.

We started out with my yellow board. I switched out the bindings so that they fit and I realized that I REALLY like that board.

Except for before, my bindings were to big, which doesn't give me enough support when riding. Now they are to small, which makes for a pain when you are getting on and off the lift and you can't get your foot out.

Um, no, this isn't a military issued Gortex Jacket with rank insignia that I'm not supposed to wear in civilian clothes. Why do you ask???

I had to switch boards after a couple of runs, to my smaller board that I use more with jumps and free style. I'm more confident on it becuase I have more control I think, and its not as fast.

I got a few pictures, my favorite are always the little things you don't generally capture on film, like the little nuances of snowboarding, like going along side a hill (instead of down) with no momentum. I call this the Snowboard Shuffle.

Anyway, I did get a few action shots.

I just cleared maybe a couple of inches off the ground on that one, and my sister got the tail end of the landing. The white thing you see is my pass btw.

More Air that time, and as I look at this, I realize that I could probably do a little better if my feet were further apart. I have no idea what my right arm is doing, I never said I was very graceful, I just said I'm getting air and landing it.

My favorite shot. To bad you don't see the shots immediately before and after this one, and it blurred slightly. It looks like i'm doing something pretty tight, like I'm doing toe grab or something. No, I'm just falling on my rear after completely biffing this jump. I then had to go to the lodge and recouperate for the next hour.

I'll feel this one tomorrow for sure.

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