Running and the Army

Meanwhile, Drill was this last weekend and it taught me something very valuable.

I need to run more.

I have NEVER done that poorly on a run before, though I'm not exactly thrilled with our track by any means. So for the next two weeks, I've made up my mind that I'm going to run daily. I took a nice easy run today and it actually felt good despite the fact that it smoked me on Saturday. Tomorrow I'm going at it again. And the next day. And the Next. Each day getting progressively harder and longer.

Well, I have a month to scrape two minutes off my run time. This is doable, because its not like I have been running and conditioning myself and suddenly have to shave off two minutes, its that I haven't been, so if I work myself, I see this as doable.

It should be pretty easy actually. I mean, I have to do 2 miles in 18:36, which is a nine minute mile. That's seventy points on the Army Physical Fitness Test, which is where I have to be. By the end of school, I'm hoping to be up there in the seventeens, and then I want to maintain that (I still want to buy a dog) as I want to be able to put my money where my mouth is when it comes to training soldiers because if I can't, they will eat me alive I'm sure.

We were going over more modules (this is where you recite, ver batum, what Attention, the Rest Positions at the Halt, and the Hand Salute among other things is, so that you know it forward, backwards and in your sleep) and got to know the Drill Sergeant Creed.

The fourth stanza is the one I want to be able to live by.

"I will Lead By Example, never requiring a Soldier to attempt a task that I would not do myself."

That's kind of one of the reasons I joined this specific unit. I want to be up there, training troops and earning their respect.

One thing I regret though is not having the combat patch on my shoulder while I do this. Its kind of an honor issue I guess, here I am, training soldiers to go into combat which they will undoubtedly see, and I haven't been there to experience it myself.

Kosovo sure didn't count.

By next drill, I'll have my E6 Promotion Packet in. I should be pinned by the time I get back from Drill Sergeant School.

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