Tech N9ne

Ok, my apologies as this is actually old news. . .

Three weeks ago, Tech N9ne was in town. Before I got my job back at Hastings and have lately been promoted to Music Associate for some odd reason (out of Movies, Books and Music, I know the least about Music) I really had no idea who Tech N9ne was.

Well, like I mentioned before, they came into Town and performed a few concerts, however, due to the crowded nature of concerts, or for some other reason I'm not entirely sure why, they decided to hold a signing at a Hastings Store. And they chose mine because of all four Hastings in my town, my location sells the most Rap CDs or something.

Yeah, Tech N9ne's a rapper.

We had people lined up fairly early on, and technically I wasn't working, but I came in anyway just to see the commotion. To promote the fact that he was in the store, we had an edited version of his latest CD playing overhead, but being rap, it was still pretty risque and we still got a ton of complaints afterwards.

I got to clock in for about an hour, just to peruse the store becuase we had a lot of juveniles that just got out of school and we are a high theft location. But I still got to get a CD signed.

Waiting in line, with Tech N9ne to the left.

Look, he's famous!

Actually, for a rapper, which is a genre of music I'm really picky about, I actually like his stuff and even purchased a CD and got it signed. Actually, the edited version sounded fine to me, I have a feeling the language might be a little more then I can handle.

I must be getting old.

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sarah said...

I'm soo jealous. lol