Depart Already!!!

So I've got an appointment to see the Doctor at 8 this evening, because apparently they're booked up with the flu. Since I have to keep my foot on ice and elevated, and overall off of it (which leads to me relaxing on the couch with minimum activity *grumbles*) I decided since its new movie day, that I wanted to go rent a couple of movies to keep me occupied. So I sent my brother after the movies, one of them being The Departed, which I've been wanting to see for quite some time.

Despite the horrible movie review done of it in one of my classes earlier.

So I send him after the movie and while he's getting ready, he keeps trying to confirm the movie with me. "The Guardian, right?"

"No, the Departed."

Shortly thereafter, as he's getting his shoes on. "The Forgotten?"

"No, that was an awful movie! The Departed!"

A minute later, "Unforgiven?"


So he finally leaves, I'm like trying to give him mnemonic clues just so he would get the hint, like how he needs to depart the house to get the movies. A few minutes later, he comes back, with The Unknown.

Which I've seen. . .

Maybe he'll get it this time.

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