New PJs

Ok, so I mentioned I got some new pajamas and that pictures are coming.

Well, when I got them, I felt kind of weird telling somebody to take a picture of me so I can blog about the experience, so I kind of got a picture of them as an after thought.

I'm actually wearing an old BDU (that's the old camouflage) T-shirt with them, but they have a tanner colored shirt that you are actually supposed to wear with them instead. Everybody calls the new uniform (ACU, Army Combat Uniform) Pajamas because that's kind of what they look like.

I love them already. They are light and comfortable, the entire unifrom is about as heavy as the pants on the original uniform.

I leave for school in a month, I was wondering if I would get any in by the time I had to leave because I didn't want to be the reservist showing up for an active duty school in the uniform they're phasing out.

I had to go run errands before I got home, and I try not to spend to much time in public wearing the uniform because despite the fact that its supposed to conceal you with your surroundings, it screams "LOOK AT ME" when your out in public. I got thanked by about four different people this weekend while I was walking around.

It's good to hear people still care.

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