Well, That Nixes That

I went to a church activity tonight where we went and played Balloon games, this is basically a singles thing where a bunch of single adults get together and have fun and socialize and hopefully pair off so that they get married and one day have kids.

The Balloon games were fun and all, and afterwards we set up a volleyball net and started playing volleyball. I used to play in High school but haven't played in probably two years or so (actually, in Kosovo I think was the last time I played).

Anyway, we were playing and I was in the front center kind of setting the ball for people when the ball came over and I tried to block while the guy on the other side tried to spike it, or something.

Well, I hit the floor and he landed on my right foot. I went down almost immediately from the sharp pain that followed.


Well, game over, I told them I was done for the count and had to take care of my foot. Driving proved to be doable, as long as I don't have to make a hard break, and when I got home, I looked for an Ice pack and maybe a wrap to wrap it in.

Nothing. Which left me a trip to the nearest place that would have this kind of stuff for sheer conveniance, which is Walmart, the devil's store. Walking was difficult so I found myself on a cart skating my way around, trying to keep off my hurt foot until I got to the ace bandages and ice packs and all that good stuff.

Coming home, I got the icepack ready and finally took off my shoe and assessed the damage. I can touch it fine, no real sharp pain. This is going to hurt like crazy tomorrow. Its really starting to plague me now.

I'm hoping its a bad bruise, but now that my shoe is off, I'm having trouble putting any weight on it whatsoever. Called in to work to let them know I can't come in so I can at least take the day and keep it elevated (and hope it gets better).

If it doesn't, I'm going to have to make an appointment with the doctor and see if I've got a hairline fracture or something. Either way, well, gees, I had this sneaky suspcion that something was going to happen to me before I had to go to Drill Sergeant School.

I just thought it was going to happen on account of snowboarding.

Well, no more running or snowboarding for me until I'm sure that this thing isn't going to debilitate me. And if it is bad, this might mean I have to postpone school until Summer.


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