Guitar Resumes

Add this to the resolutions.

My sister and I both have Guitars that we never really learned how to play. She stated that every year she puts 'learn to play guitar' on her list of new years resolutions and every year we fall short.

So we decided we would encourage each other to learn by learning together.

Working at a Music/Video/Book store is helpful, and I picked up a lesson book on how to teach yourself guitar. We watched the video yesterday (the beginning was a bit redundant) and got A Major, D and E chords to learn. So that is our assignment for this week. Play about twenty minutes a day, dip fingers in rubbing alcohol, and try to get those chords down. Then we need to learn to transition between them.

Nothing like saying "hey, stop the song for a bit, I need to find D."

The mountain is calling my name. Though the fog has still not lifted. Got to head back up and take advantage of the day.

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