Homework Status

So, I'm ending my second week of this quarter and so far everything seems to be going fairly smoothly.

So far.

My first real assignment in 3d Modeling was making a robot. This is the rough work-in-progress. I decided to do something along the lines of a dinosaur bird type thing.

View Robot HERE on Devart.

I get to fine tune it this week.

Meanwhile, in my character development and design class, I had this assignment that I ended up doing backward. Once upon a time I used to not draw humans at all. I've gotten a lot better, but now I need to learn how to color.

I took a basic character design and had to give them traits of a character type (ie Villain, hero, side kick, comic relief, etc) that you find in a story. Then you had to take that character and modify them so that they fit another role. I ended up making a girl and giving her five character roles. The last one is my favorite. I think this is obvious.

No, just because she's blonde and a chick, this is NOT me.

Character Types

It was actually fun to do, but now I have to go back and actually do the assignment properly. Which is going to have to happen tomorrow.

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