Car's in the Shop

You would think that after a month, I could get two fender benders worked out with the respected insurance companies, right?

Wrong. I'm still finaggling with this, with one insurance company sending me a check without telling me they sent one (and I never recalled getting the first check, so they had to stop payment on it and send me another one).

But all in all, I have my car finally in the shop and they have issued me a rental. . .

It's fire engine red. And a chevy.

Actually, by all accounts its kind of a cute car. Except for being an automatic where I'm used to driving a manual transmission, I've caught myself several times trying to step on the phantom clutch, though I have tried to shift it once or twice too. Doesn't work. And I have a sneaky suspicioun that the last person (or two or three) smoked in it because it reeks. Actually, that's enough to make me want to take it back and get a different car, but I shouldn't be spending many hours in it so I think I can survive.

I might take it up a mountain perhaps. I haven't been boarding nearly as much as I've wanted to this season.

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