Thoughts on School

I've had a lot of thought about school and where I'm going with it. In such a way that I made a decision to really try out this course I'm in to make sure its what I want to do, and the education i'm recieving is worth it to go through the classes that I don't particularly care for. See, there are some General Ed classes that I have no desire to take but are required, and to get the degree, I have to take those.

Usually, i take 1 Core class which is essential to my Degree and two general ed classes. The core classes are seven credits and the general ed classes are usually 3. The thing is, a lot of my general ed classes transferred, but there are still some that I have to take. But for my degree, which is primarily art based, my concern is why do I have to take all of these General Education classes when I already have an AA degree and most of those should have been out of the way. By all rights I should be a Junior and focusing on my degree. The pains of being a transfer student I guess.

So I decided that this quarter, I'm going to take 2 core classes to make sure that this is even the route I want to go and that I'll get the education I need out of it. I'll hopefully know midway through this quarter if this is doable or not.

See, my further concern is the fact that I seemed to have gotten my As perhaps a little to easily. Sometimes I ran out of time and totally shammed some of my projects and still got full credit for it. This is kind of a red flag to me. I did my best in some work, but not all of it. I would like to say I'm a total genius and these assignments came easily enough to me, but I have no idea what kind of grades other people recieved. Just a bit of a cause for concern.

Meanwhile, online education is expensive. I'm thinking of other options, and maybe if I can get the education I want, I can try to negotiate through some of these other core classes. I mean, I require a certain amount of credits in Science and social sciences, but because I have those credits from another school in classes that aren't offered at this one, why can't those credits transfer as well? What's wrong with that?

I think I'll talk to my advisor about this as it will continue to be an area that will affect my further education with Westwood. I'm going to try to negotiate with it.

Anyway, I am looking forward to this particular Quarter. 3d Modeling and Animation and Character Development and Design. I'm hoping to have a lot of fun this quarter. But anyway, this quarter will be the deciding factor on whether or not I stick with this program.

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