Cars and Snow

It Snowed. Again.

I was actually at my sister's house helping her out when it started snowing, and my concern for how my rental car would fare in it was rightfully grave. I made my way home and found out unless I go about ten miles an hour, I have zero control in turns, which was proven when I smacked into the curb while I tried to make a gradual turn and my car just kept going straight. I hope they don't notice the dent in the wheel. Or maybe I should complain that driving this car is a safety hazard. I for one, had freakin' studless snow tires on my car and those things are freakin' great! I have purposely tried to slide in them just to test them and they are awesome. I was going to hit the mountain tomorrow (er, today) but there is no way that rental will make it up the mountain.

So once I planted myself back at home, I decided to make a vow to stay there for the rest of the night. And of course, here I am.

Fortunately I don't have to work tomorrow (er, today), however it's my sister's birthday and we're going to go over there and give her a cake and sing Happy Birthday where she will be blessed with my vocal talents. And I say that with only the most blatant sarcasm. I have no singing talents.

I upgraded Internet Explorer and it seems to have downed a few notches when it comes to uploading things online. Grr. . .

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