Ferret Update

I think I need to update on the ferrets, since I haven't posted any pictures of them recently.

They are alive and well, and continue to amuse us. If we aren't sure where the ferrets are when we let them out of the cage, it never fails to check the pajama drawer and find them curled up in a pair of my pants. Feisty littl ferrets, they have become quite enduring.

My nephew Cody loves the ferrets. He often times will get on his hands and knees and pretend to be one, including the curling up in a ball under a pile of blankets or what not. The ferrets put up with him, which is one of the reasons why I find them so loveable. You can just pester them and they go about their business without a care in the world. We have come to an understanding with the ferrets. You pick them up, pet them and cuddle them for about a minute or two and put them back on the ground where they will bound on their merry way. A few minutes later they'll be back again to see what you're up to and you can pick them up and pester them again.

This was Blaine a few weeks ago, right after I picked him up from the vet for ear plug removal. The look on my face translates to "I just spent close to $500 bailing this little furball out of the vet". Yes, I have learned the financial burdons of the ferret the hard way. It put quite a damper on my bank account. Good news is, Blaine is recovering very well.

I've had dogs and I've never spent as much money on them as I've done on this little fuzzbutt.

Abby is currently really fluffy, fat and cute. Blaine's been kind of scruffy and skinny on account of not being able to digest anything (though since he's been recovering his been catching up). I've been wanting to take them out into the snow to see what they would do, however the previous snow falls Blaine hasn't been well enough to go out and play. Since his fur has finally regrown on his belly, I thought this last snow would be ok to take them out.

I took them out one at a time, as two ferrets outside, even in harnesses is a handful. Abby didn't want to play. She hunkered next to the door shivering as if to say "let me back in!" So I didn't make her play for very long.

Blaine, on the other hand, couldn't get enough of the powdery white stuff. He immediately started bounding through it and trying to burrow in it, just checking it out and having a fun ferret time. I walked him around a bit and just observed him explore in the snow. He does a lot better in the harness then Abby does, I let him go where he wants to go for the most part, but when he starts heading in a direction where I don't like him heading, I only have to apply a little force to the lead and he'll come bounding back.

Pipe cleaner tail!

One of the funny things about Abby is her thieving skills, right under your nose. Her favorite things to steal seem to be pens with rubber grips. For the most part, I don't mind, as she generally hides them under my dresser or in the bottom drawer of my bed. I think its a game of wills between me and her.

Specifically with my Wacom Drawing Tablet Stylus. If I think I've misplaced it, I just have to let her sniff it out and sure enough, she'll find it. To her its not an expensive tool, its another Ferret toy. And she'll try to steal it right out of my hands. This is bar none her favorite thing to steal.

I call Abby the Slinky Rat, because she actually has rat like features for a ferret. She's the more active and playful one, and she's also the one that dooks more. She tends to give ferret kisses too. She'll lick your ear, your nose, your eyebrow or whatever.

Blaine's pretty silent, he doesn't say a whole lot (but he does snore!). Blaine's the ankle biter (literally!). He will nip at your bare feet if you have them available, which is why I've learned to always wear socks when the ferret is out. He'll tunnel up my pantleg sometimes and if he reaches bare skin, he'll nip my calf. I've also had him rub up against my bare back and latch onto a piece of skin showing. It doesn't feel very good when he does that. When he does play, he likes to playbite.

He also eats earplugs. So I consider earplugs to be forbidden anywhere a ferret can get to them. I'm not going to have another one of those removed from a ferret gut if I can help it.

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