Blogging, Myspace and the Military

Oh how nice, I'm glad to see that the entire freakin' hospital in Kosovo was doing this and they were cracking down on me for having a tradtional blog. . .

And for the same reasons too. . .

My idiot NCOIC didn't bother enforcing the blog rule with the other two soldiers in the section, who both had active myspace acccounts. But me, well, because I had a fairly well known blog (not so much now) I was the exception to the rule.

The hypocracy kills me.

I mentioned a long time ago that MySpace fell under the same jurisdiction as blogs, I even mentioned this to several people in the chain because I felt I was being unfairly singled out. Not only that, people were accessing their Myspace accounts all the time and posting pictures on them all the while doing this on government computers.

But no, I was the one singled out.

And people wonder why I came back from my deployment rather sour and grumpy.

Been home for just over a year now and I still look back on lessons learned from that experience.

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