New Years Resolutions 2006/2007

It's a new Year! Let's see how I did on Resolutions for 2006.

  • Run Bloomsday
    Yep! Ran Bloomsday this year and am actually wearing the t-shirt I got for completing it. Unfortunately, I can't do it this year due to the conflict with Drill Sergeant School.
  • Find a Dojo and get back into some kind of Martial Art.
    Karate Kenpo. . . however, see next resolution. . .
    -Stick with said martial art unless I get an acceptable reason to get out.
    Stuck with it all right. . . for a whole two weeks.

    I was actually doing very well until I slapped my chin into a tree snowboarding, and then I had to take a break. . . and with Yellowstone and life, I never went back.
  • Buy a car (guaranteed to get this resolution done)
    I got home from the military on a Friday and bought a new car the next day.
    -Make it a dependable, economical, inexpensive car.
    2003 Mazda Protege. I think it fits the bill. . .
  • Make a final decision with the army. Stay in? Get out? New MOS? ???
    Made a decision. Found a unit I love, a job I love and reenlisted in September. Leave for school in March.
  • Get back into Painting.
    Grr. . . this is a repeat resolution I'll do this year, becuase I REALLY want to get back into Painting.
  • Get Creature up and running again.
    Its up and running again, yes, but kind of in an on again off again state. . . *sighs*
  • Go to school.
    -Make a decision on a major.
    Currently, it's animation. I'm not sure if I'm going to stick to this school or not. . . more for this year's resolutions.
  • Look through these current prospects and make a decision if there is anything there or not.
    -If there is, explore it more.
    -If there isn't, work on new prospects.
    -Work on that dating issue altogether.

    This one was kind of hit and miss. I did pretty good at the beginning of the year, but a part of me is thinking that I'm destined to remain perpetually single. . .
  • New Zealand/Australia. Somehow, someway. I hope.
    This was kind of a minion thing, my Minions at Silent Running were trying to get me to go down under and I really wanted to go but a few things came up.
    I didn't have anybody to go with me and I didn't want to travel to meet what are undoubtedly nice but still strangers in a strange land by myself.
    My trip to Yellowstone took care of my summer plans.
    Availability and funds didn't allow for it.
    I would love to someday make it down there, but I think I've kind of lost my Patron Goddess status (and haven't heard from Murray in a long time) and I don't have the minion force I once did. And I can't afford to make a trip down under at this time. Unless I do it work study or something, which I am considering.
  • Pilgrimage to Utah to visit friends and family and check out famous Utah powder conditions for Snowboarding Purposes.
    Never made it. . . *sighs* Other then coming back from Kosovo and going to Yellowstone, my traveling was very negligable this year.
  • NanoWrimo in November. Maybe.
    HAH! I do better just leaving this one off from now on. I write novels on my own time all the time. And school doesn't allow for me to do this.
  • Website. Just, well, it needs something else. Facelift maybe? Who knows?
    It's kind of part way there. . . I need to finish it.
    -More in line of a webserver change.
    Went from Yahoo to Bluehost in February or March I think. I do like my current webserver quite a bit.

So, I accomplished Ten, I failed at four, and I'm kind of on the border of two. I would say that this year was pretty successful with the resolution type thingees!

And now what do I want to get done for 2007?

  • Earn My Hat
    -Have all six modules down before I leave for Drill Sergeant School.
    -Better be in better shape then current over the next two and a half months.
  • Make E6/ Staff Sergeant (I wasn't ready in 2005, I've felt ready for a while now though)
  • Make a decision with School. (stay with current school? Find a new one?)
  • Get Back Into Painting (repeat resolution)
  • Pay off all current debt (car, best buy card main ones) with an exception of student loans.
  • Roadtrip. California and Utah primary destination.
  • Get a better sleep schedule (one where I'm not as prone to sleeping in so late.)
  • Keep ferrets from having to go to the vet for Earplug removals and things of that nature.

this list is prone to being added to as I think about other resolutions I would like to accomplish this year.

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