Snowboarding Status

So, what have I been up to?

So far this year, despite having a season pass, I've been on the mountain a grand total of tree times, counting right now. Which means that I will never buy a season pass again because circumstances outside of my control (accidents, car rentals, weather, bad tires) somehow prevent me from going up to the mountain like I want to. I knew I should have purchased a Toyota.

Last week I came up and got all my gear together when I noticed there was something strange in my ski goggles. On closer inspection, it proved to be Ferret Vomit.

Damn Ferrets.

I have also discovered I'm not in the shape I want to be, though I have gotten better. I own Four (yes, four) snowboard, though one, which is my first, is actually a cheap snowboard that I never really liked. Its a little to short for me for one. I hang onto it in case I have somebody who's a beginner that wants to learn, like some nieces of mine.

The second board is a little longer, but still short, that isn't that good for just riding but is great for working on my airborne stunts. I'm really starting to get some air, now I have to work some nose grabs and other things into that mix and actually landing afterwards.

The third board is my dragon board, which has step in bindings that is great for riding but I always face plant on it if I try to get any air. When I ride and almost biff it on this board, I usually recover almost immediately.

THe fourth board is my latest, the yellow one, though I don't like it because the bindings don't fit. Its probably my nicest board, so when the season ending sales hit, I'll look at getting those replaced for next year.

So the ones I generally take are the second and third ones. I was riding the dragon board earlier, didn't attempt anything other then to ride switch for a while (for how long I've been riding, I honestly should be better) and a brief jump that ended disastrously on my butt, and currently I'm in the lodge hoping that the this fog will clear up so I can try a few more runs for a bit. I think I'm going to ride the other board and hit the terrain park for a few more hours and head home.

Sister's got a toyota. I've got the ski pass. We're heading up again Friday for the ski free day. I think that's the other thing keeping me off the mountain. I like riding with others.

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