Doing Nothing

So, I'm home for the holidays, and I have been doing absolutely nothing. And it's been GREAT!!!

Ok, so I lied, I haven't been doing absolutely nothing, just a whole lot of nothing. Coupled with Sleep, Laziness and all around Vedge Mode.

Christmas wasn't a big deal this year, only the fact that I got to spend it at home. Over the last few days I've been catching up on a couple of video series, well, mainly one, which is almost to embarrassing to say because I'm watching a Kid's Series and I'm 24. But I was a Kid when I used to watch it, and since they remade it, I had to catch up and watch it again and see what I saw in it then.

Yes, I admit it. As a child, I was seriously addicted to Turtles. I loved them, watched them every day, collected the cards and used my meager allowance on buying action figures. Ninja Turtles were bigger then SpongeBob and Pokeman are now. And I was one of many young minds engulfed into the following.

But like most kids, I grew out of it, and for a time was almost ashamed to admit that I watched Ninja Turtles. It even went through the phase that it was nerdy to actually like them. Kind of like Power Rangers *barf* (never liked those).

So anyway, in a moment of trying to rekindle the nastalgia, I found the first five episodes of the original turtles and bought it for kicks, and having not seen it for about, oh, eleven years, got a kick out of it and remembered that I used to dig these guys.

So what did I do? I got the new series on DVD and watched it. And got hooked.

Mikey's still my favorite :P

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