Vedging in Seattle

I've discovered a really cool thing about technology. They have free internet access in some of the most bizarre and coolest places. Like the Seattle Center.

This is me. Right now.

I look like hell because I'm in the middle of a Mobilization and I'm getting over a cold. But this is my last night as a normal human being and starting tomorrow, everything is up in the air in regards to internet access and actually getting the opportunity to go out and wander. From what I understand, I could very easily be on lockdown.

I haven't been on Lockdown since Basic Training. Anyway, my NCOIC has been telling me that everything I have experienced in the army, Basic Training, AIT, Annual Training, Drills, well, that ain't the army. Tomorrow, I enter the Army. These last couple days? just padding to help me transition from civilian to soldier.

I give myself two and a half weeks to get in the mindframe I should be. The ironic thing is in two and a half weeks I'll be heading home for Christmas for ten days.

Ah, who am I kidding? I bet tomorrow I jack something up.

Now because everything is closed by 5 due to the whole winter thing and I didn't even get to my hotel room until 4:30, that means I think I'll just vedge here at the Seattle Center and surf the internet for a while. It's kind of chilly and I have no idea when I'll get to do this again.

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