Getting Off Fort Lewis

You never realize how much you like having a car, until you are stuck without one. Cars are wonderful, glorious things to have and if you have one parked outside in your driveway, you should go out and stare at it and realize how lucky you are to have a functional car that you can use to get from point a to point b.

I have a car. It is currently 300 miles away and signed over to my parents, technically making it no longer mine. In other words, I don't have a car.

I am stuck on an army base with no form of transportation other then shuttle busses that are destined to only go certain places and consequently they are not places I want to go.

See, this is the thing. Today is Commander's time, and it is time I didn't expect to have off. Woe is me, eh? But what does one do with oneself when they find themselves with a day off and stuck on an Army Post?

They try to find a way OFF!

I got a shuttle from North Fort to Main Post easily enough, which brought me to the wonderful and glorious PX. Not exactly where I wanted to go, because I'm still on Post. So I decided to find a way to get around and enjoy myself and use this opportunity to take back that disfunctional memory stick (which turned out to work fine).

I tried to find a bus. It's sunday. Busses don't run that far south on Sunday. I tried to get a taxi. They wanted to rape my wallet. I tried my feet. I have to be back by formation tomorrow, and I don't want to walk that far.

I rented a car. Surprisingly, for what I can do, renting a car was actually cheaper then taking a taxi. Is it just me, or is something wrong with this picture?

Well, I now have a car and I want to use said car, and using it consists of me actually driving it, not sitting in a kinko's catching up on my blog.

Tomorrow is the range. Tuesday is. . . other mass unpleasentries (watch my mood drop from cheerful to homicidal)

Today, I have a blessed rental, though it runs like crap, but then again, it's a rental.

Thursday, I'm home sweet home!

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