Girl Issues

I'm having hair problems. I'm having a dilemma on what to do with my wig.

When I was in Basic, that became standard fan fare from the Drills. "Erickson! Fix that wig!"

I got this really fine, thin hair, and it just kind of, well, it doesn't like to stay put unless I put heavy duty hard core axel grease in there. So I got fly away strands that I can't seem to get to go anywhere.

I'm thinking about chopping it. And really chopping it. Short. Really short.

Problem is, I like my hair long. I've had it short before, but I can't seem to pull it off without having my sexuality questioned. And that always gets old.

I like my hair long, but constantly pulling it back in a bun tears it up. In a year and a half, I will have to chop my hair regardless. I don't like putting axel grease in my hair every day so that it stays plastered to my head and stays in place.

I might start the new year with a butch hair cut. My mom won't be thrilled. But hey, I just want to get through this deployment in one piece and with as few distractions as possible. My hair is a distraction.

And cutting it short might take care of the men as well.

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