Well, this appears to be it, for real this time

Well, it looks like I have to wander back up to hotel now where I will sit in the confines of my room bored to tears while and gearing up for a rather hectic day tomorrow. They are really breaking me in, I get to get up at 0430 so we can be at the drill hall to draw weapons and be down to the barracks by 0800. I don't know what exactly is in store for me these next few days, I just know I'm getting Gassed on Saturday.

I think I'll write a running journal of the events as they happen.

I'll be back around in about two weeks. If I am running around sooner, I'll be back sooner. Until then, adios. And Happy Channukah. (did I butcher that?)

PS - I updated the "earn" column to add a couple badges that I want to get for a triple stack. I will get these, I will get these. . .

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