Why Do People Do This?

I got a troll in my email (I only call her that because of how she phrased her email), and by the phrasing of her email, I felt that she was accusing me of being a closed minded bigot if I refused to answer her.

It was only because of this that I felt I should answer her, but not to really give her a reply to her email, it was more of a kind reminder that I was annoyed by her accusation that if I kept silent it means that I don't want to give an argument on why I think the way I do.

Here is that part of the email, point blank.

"It's been my past experience that people will only believe what they want to believe, and will find a way to justify anything, but what I do find is
if they cannot think of a reply, they will choose silence. This makes me think
that perhaps they have no reply."

I'm not saying that she was trying to make a valid point, which she actually was, but it was more to the point of basically saying that if I don't reply to her, then my minds made up and I have no desire to look at the other side and to get in a debate on the subject.

Believe me, I'm always up for a good debate. In fact, I would have loved to expand on her question with my own thoughts. But it's just the fact that truthfully, my time is precious and I have very little that I can respond to, and believe me, there are about two dozen emails sitting in my inbox that I want to return and I can't.

I want to return your emails, I honestly do! I would love to reply to every email I get! I can't! Please please please please PLEASE don't do this! It's annoying!

If I am Silent to your email, it's because I don't have time to respond to it. That's all there is to it!

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