Big Duke Aftermath

Man, last night I slept like a baby. . .

. . . Today I can barely move. . . just a grumble in agony as I tried to move from my bed to my chair so I could surf the internet. Yeah, because I wasn't going to Bulgaria, I got my internet refreshed.

But now I have to console aching muscles and blisters. Good thing I did the mountain climb on a Saturday so I could use Sunday as a day of rest and recouperation. As that is what Sunday is supposed to be about.

Now I have to go shopping for a Guitar. I think I'll put up a poll seeing which one I should get.

No more mountains for me while I'm here. But I'm still glad I did it, even if I hurt and at times while I was climbing it I was wondering when my brain had decided to vacate the premises during the time when I thought this was a good idea.

Oh well, I guess I better go get a bite to eat.

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