Excrament Happens

I need to make an icon. on that icon there will be a pile of crap, all brown and smelly looking and just plain disgusting looking. Below it, all it will say is "happens".

Tis the story of my life . . .*sighs*

At frist it was just the strep throat playing its way and making me feel like dog doodoo three days before I'm supposed to go on FMPP (Fighter Management Pass Program) so I nipped that in the butt right away with a shot and got myself on some Penicillan medication because there was no way I was going to miss my trip to Sofia Bulgaria with my boy. . .

Well, sometimes other things happen, and the whole program gets scrapped anyway, regardless of what you do. Anyway, I was supposed to leave at 2 in the morning and was fully intending on going when I get the message at the briefing that FMPP has been suspended until further notice.

That was a shock to our jugular. What? We're supposed to go in 8 hours! Why does this thing have to happen on OUR watch? That, and I still haven't been!

There are a variety of reasons why Sofia has been suspended, but they are hopefully going to look into getting it started again. Meanwhile, they might even consider some other places for us to go. I've heard Thessoloniki (I know I butchered that) Greece and Dubrovnik Croatia both mentioned, but no guarantees. Chances are, we'll just go back to Sofia when the current issue is all sorted out.


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