Plans for August

I think I need to make plans for August. . . and while I'm at it, the rest of the day.

To start, the rest of this day, I will slump around in a vegatative state while my limbs attempt to recover.

Yeah, I'm going to do NOTHING and it will be EVERYTHING I ever thought it would be!

*yeah, I'm a fan of Office Space, so sue me*

This month I think I'll be doing a lot of art. I plan on actually updating my webcomic at least twice a week through this month, and I went nuts and signed up for about eight different art exchanges.

Then my WACOM drawing tablet, or rather the stylus, up and died. It cracked down the center. Now I need to get a new one, however it looks like they don't send to APO addresses, so I'll have to get it sent home and my family will have to send it to me. However, they are out of stock!

But I was looking at some of these other drawing tablets, and considering how much time I've put into my drawing tablet, and how much I love the darn thing, that if I shouldn't just invest in a new more expensive one? I use this thing so often, why not?

Anyway, its an excuse to use my expensive colored pencils I recently invested in until I get a new tablet. Yay for that!

August will be a little weird, we've been having soldiers in and out for leave and whatever else all this summer. September will be a little hectic for me.

And I also have that guitar I need to invest in. . .

And I also vow to update my blog more often, about a variety of things. My brother mentioned how he misses my commentaries on Politics but I'm afraid politics has to stay out of the blog until I get home.

I guess I should go eat some food (I didn't eat much yesterday other then power bars and things of that nature) and then I need to get ready to hobble over to the Chapel to attend church. See how LT G is holding up, he went on the hike too.

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