I'm thinking of taking up another hobby. See, the Chaplain's Assistant SSG J is offering free lessons on the Guitar, and it makes me very much eager to learn how to try to play it. I've only played a couple of instruments in my lifetime and none of them stuck. I played the Violin when I was eight for about six months and loved it, despite the stereotype of most kids hating Violin practice but I had to discontinue it for a number of reasons. Then of course, there was that time in Fifth grade where everyone bought a Recorder and learned how to play that, in which I proceeded to drive my family insane through a variety of various shrieks and whistles, as anybody would wager to tell you that a Recorder makes only noise. In Seventh Grade, I took a quarter of Band and learned how to play the Trumpet, and I had a lot of fun learning how to play that, but being a seventh grader with other things one wants to do for electives, well, it didn't stick.

I've always wanted to learn how to play an instrument really good, considering I can't sing if my life depended on it, having absolutely no vocal talent to speak of, but I love music and would love to do something.

Unfortunately, if I continue with Guitar, I will likely have to invest in one. So I have to come to a decision of what kind of guitar I want. And what I want to do with it, and will I even stick with it after this deployment is over? I really want to, but just for the sake of learning how to play something do I want to do it.

And lessons are free, I just have to provide the guitar!

I think I'll go window shopping for a bit to see if I can find a good one to come up with.

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