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Yeah, so I've been a little quiet on this front. I guess I'll just give a rundown of whats going on. . .

Harry Potter comes out on Saturday. And here I am having to wait on the mail to get my copy. BWAAAHHHH!!!!!! I think I'll have to take a break from the internet until I get caught up in fear of spoilers, and everyone I know rubbing it in that they've read it and I haven't. To much to bear.

Went to Monteith today, and on the way there an interesting an interesting event occurred that was actually kind of funny. In its own strange way.

We were driving along route Stag when I came to an intersection. Because I'm on a priority road, I don't have to stop but there is a blatant stop sign at the intersection for anybody wanting to cross Route Stag. Well, a little Volkswagen Golf slows down enough to make the turn without rolling over, cutting me off as he turns along the road heading the direction in which I just came. I just stare at this dude as I cross the intersection only to look in the opposite direction the guy came from to see two police officers next to their vehicle, taking a smoke break, and WAVING AT ME!!! Not thirty feet from where it happened.

Yeah, that's law enforcement of Kosovo.

Anyway, one of the amusing things I've discovered about dating in a War Zone is finding unique things to do. Other then, you know, make out. In bunkers. You can go into any given bunker here on Bondsteel and find something unusual in it. Like, say Bunker 2050. Has a blow up Mattress inside of it. Yeah, you know whats going on there!

Um, I'll pass thank you. Anyway, me and the Boy decided to do something different so we took my laptop to Freedom park, laid out a blanket and sleeping bag in one of the gazebos (yeah, sounds like an combat zone, huh?) and watched Night of the Living Dead, the original version. Which I have never seen. And Nate hates Zombies so it was amusing. Its actually fairly amusing to listen to him talk about Zombies.

That was better then watching King's Ransom, which was amusing but far from quality entertainment. But another interesting thing to do is check out what other people do with their limited free time. We went to one room occupied by Task Force Tornado soldiers and they have a huge campaign going on with WarHammer. I know one JAG officer spends his time making Rap songs about Bondsteel and Kosovo in general.

Or you can watch videos of what the natives do out in sector. Like the night vision imagary of a couple of Kosovars doing something interesting to one of their farm animals. I think I'm going to see if I can get a copy of that video. Its rather amusing. TO say the least.

I think I got my illustration fix out of the way. Maybe Now I can start updating my webcomic regularly.

Next up, Planning my European Vacation. And deciding on what I want to do when I get back to the states.

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