Kajukenbo, One of the Finer Things in Life

One of the things I have decided I will definitely continue when I get back to the states is Martial Arts, some form or another. If there is a Kajukenbo Dojo in my neck of the woods I'll probably see if I can hook up with them there. But anyway, this week I officially got promoted to Yellow Belt though I have to fine tune my forms a bit more.

They still tell me I have the best kicks in the class. Heh, go ME!

Nate, who I have lately affectionately refer to from here on out as The Boy, is a Red Belt in Tae Kwon Do. I've kind of finaggled him into doing Kajukenbo wiht me, though he was a bit reluctant at first because he didn't want to mix arts, and Tae Kwan Do is primarily Leg Work and Kajukenbo basically goes by hit them til they fall using any means necessary. That's what I like!

Of course, when it comes to sparring, they still have rules. And I need to learn how to stand up straight. I'm horrible at slouching. My posture is awful.

Anyway, we went to class yesterday to find nobody there. Sifu had surgery recently and is on profile so he can't teach us, and the assistant instructor, a black belt proficient in an art that combines Karate with Kung Fu that I forget the name of, was on his spiritual retreat to Greece, it left me and the Boy to our own devices. And I was busy modeling my nifty new yellow belt. It looks pimpin with the Black Uniform.

Well, since nobody was there, we decided to work on forms. So the Boy became my instructor for the rest of the evening and started teaching me different kicks. The Crescent Kick drills made me feel a little weird, to say the least, but I had fun, and it kicked my heiny into shape. I can picture doing these several times a week. I would have sexy legs!

Mayonnaise white legs, true, you can't change some things, no matter how much you try to expose your skin to the Tattooine like sun of Southern Kosovo, but sexy in their own right.

We also started sparring. Sparring is fun, if I didn't stop laughing in the middle of it. We kind of switched off in the defensive and offensive manuevers after I learned that I'm not that good at sparring straight out at this point and need to work on some finer things before I reach that level. Needless to say, the Boy kicked my butt. But its all good, I'm still learning this and more importantly, I'm having fun with it and am committed to becoming better.

We'll spar as a class hopefully tomorrow. Can't wait. Maybe I'll have learned a thing or two that I can take with me when they pit me against somebody who is undoubtedly better then I am?

One can only hope. I'll try to get pictures later.

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