Being Aunt Kami

My nephew Cody came over with his parents today and dropped off things for the Yard Sale. He came and said hi to me and we bonked heads, something I started with him when he was a baby. So we sat there staring into each others eyes with our foreheads touching and I was telling him how he looked like a Cyclops.

He then made the mention to me of 'why are you always joking around, aunt Kami?'

I guess it's because I haven't had kids of my own yet.

Being the single aunt, I have a reputation of being the 'fun one'. I'm also the one with the toys.

My neice, Isabel and I were playing video games right after I got back from Kosovo. I was whoopin' her and teasing her about it and she replied 'of course, the teenager is going to beat me.' I thought this was amusing to say the least, she may have been nine at the time. I turned to her and asked 'Teenager? How old do you think I am?'

Her reply? 'I don't know, Thirteen?'

I had to remind her that I do drive a car, and in fact, have driven a car since she was born. She proceeded to get somewhat embarrassed.

I thought it was hilarious. I don't know why, but kids seem to think I'm roughly their age.

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