So, note to self, don't click 'moderation' on the little box unless you want to approve EVERY LITTLE COMMENT! So the comments are back to normal again. Gees!

I've noticed a problem of not knowing if somebody is posting a comment to a REALLY OLD post unless I check Haloscan out regularly, until I decided to post a little thing in the bar on the side. It now gives you a preview of all recent comments! I guess it's a problem in that it doesn't necessarily tell you which post it is commenting on, but I thought I would just make do with it as it is better then checking out Haloscan. I can usually find out what post they are commenting on if I really want to know.

This is the only blog that now uses Haloscan. Somebody was generous in purchasing me an upgraded account for Haloscan about the same time I reached my 15 minutes of fame toting an M203 and it has never gone away. Kind of sweet, and really nice of the person who purchased it for me ((whoever that was, I am very appreciative, I promise :) )). Every other blog on this website has gone to the default blogger service, even my milblog (as it was deleting comments after a year anyway, but it still makes me sad) but if I want to fork over the dough for the upgraded account, I would prefer Haloscan.

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