Movie Filming in Town

So, when I went into Auntie's bookstore to buy Carcassonne at the game stop attached, I noted a sign on the door that stated something along the lines of 'if you enter this establishment, your likeness may appear in film without you being compensated' and I'm thinking 'are they filming a movie or something? Sure enough, I walk in and there are spotlights all over the place and I go up to the counter and ask what's going on.

Sure enough, they were filming a movie. Apparently it stars Christian Slater and Cuba Gooding Jr. I thought it was pretty sweet, but I wasn't about to go up and get in the middle of it considering they were working, but I did see Christian Slater from where I was standing.

I liked him in Murder in the First and Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, but he hasn't been in a whole lot of movies lately, has he?

I don't know what movie they are filming, but I always thought it would be cool to pop in on a movie one day, just in the back ground.

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