Dream Interpretation

I've had issues with my dreams recently, where I'm having somewhat recurring themes. I dream a lot, but I don't always remember my dreams the next morning, but there are a few dreams that I remember quite vividly.

How Can You Not Tell I'm Pantless?

The one dream I've had recently is the dream that I'm in Knox, trying to train recruits that are all male, and for some reason, I'm not wearing pants. This dream is infuriating to the Nth degree because throughout the dream I'm trying to solve my pants problem and I'm getting hustled around that I don't have time to fix it. Furthermore, nobody seems to notice that I'm not wearing pants but me. Every time I dream it feels real so even though the dream is absurd, I can't escape the not wearing pants scenerio and I don't entirely feel rested.

I've been kind of wondering what these kinds of dreams mean, so I went to a dream interpretation website and looked it up. Turn out that having naked dreams is actually a common theme, and I've had naked dreams before, but the pantless dream is actually not an uncommon dream theme, and this particular dream fits the standard 'naked' dream quite well.

Am I feeling like I'm not cut out to be a Drill Sergeant and when I get to Knox, it will be more then confirmed that I'm not supposed to be there? When I was in Jackson last fall, I felt like I was capable of doing the job but looking back, I realize now that I made quite a few mistakes while I was there, valuable mistakes because I learned a lot from them, but they were the kinds of things that the soldiers notice and take advantage of. I had my share of mishaps while at Jackson and am definitely a rookie drill sergeant, so does this mean that I'm sensing a lack of confidence in myself that everyone will notice me and see that I'm not quite cut out for this job?

I think I'll be fine, it will be a lot different when I'm training soldiers for the full 9 weeks. I'm sure I'll make mistakes, but I just can't admit it. Afterall, Drill Sergeants don't admit to mistakes.

I Believe I Can Fly. . .

I was looking at the other common dreams in that website and noticed that I've experienced them all to some degree. I've been wondering what a few of them mean for some time. Apparently there are some people who never experience the dream where they can fly, but I have these dreams quite frequently, and they are quite surreal because you actually feel like you are flying. I don't remember much about the dreams other then the fact that I can fly and I feel like I can actually fly.

This is said to be a sign of empowerment, which is somewhat of a conflict with my previous Pantless dreams. Of course, sometimes I feel like I can't stay in the air, or I'm not really flying but rather bounding.

Why Can't This Guy Just Leave Me Alone?

The Chase dreams are a little surreal too. Where you are running from something or somebody and you fall down and can't get up off the ground. I had a dream about my former Boss from Kosovo (who it has been noted in the past, we have a mutual loathing of each other) hunting me down and I was trying to run away from him. Strange, I had this dream right after I got back from the Psych Eval last July where I was told that my feelings toward my boss were perfectly normal for somebody such as myself, a Dysthemic, trying to cope with a person that has Narcissist traits. This felt liberating to me, thinking that I wasn't crazy afterall.

And then I had the chase dream, where I was running from him. I haven't really given him a thought since that dream, and I don't think I dreamed something like that since, but it was suggesting in the dream website that it is a sign that I'm not confronting something, but rather running away from it. I'm trying to figure this out, because I felt like I did confront it. But maybe it was a sign that I was letting something bother me that I should have let go of a long time ago?

I don't remember a lot of details of that dream, but I do remember the chase and how infuriating it was, as well as a bit terrifying.

I'm to Young For Dentures

The other dream I have frequently is where a tooth falls out. I can feel the empty place in my gums where the tooth was as well. It's not my whole jaw falling out, or my face rotting off of my skull, it's usually just one or two teeth. But the dream is all about how that feels, and I can feel it fall out, and I always think these dreams are real, that I've really lost my teeth!

This is apparently a dream about my physical appearance, and my own vanity with myself. If you are dreaming about your teeth falling out, it is theorized to mean you have an anxiety about your appearance. This would make sense I guess, despite what people feel about me, sometimes I don't see myself as very attractive, I've had periods in my life where I have felt downright disgusting (Kosovo?) and completely unattractive. In my youth, I didn't see myself as attractive at all, and in fact was a little surprised by the amount of attention I recieved from this. In fact, I think that confidence booster helped me survive my time in Kosovo, because it was something I needed to help me get through my time there. But I've never seen myself as this great beauty.

This analysis makes sense to me, but for some reason I've always wondered about these teeth dreams and always thought they were related more to your actual teeth.

Don't I Need a Man First?

The other dream I sometimes have is the dream that I'm pregnant and have a child. I don't really remember to much about these dreams other then they are a little confusing to me. I've always thought this was a subconscious feeling for me to settle down and have kids, but according to dream interpretation, it can also mean that I am drawn to new ideas or new beginnings. It makes sense I guess. Next time I have a pregnancy dream I need to pay attention to what is going on around me during my waking life.

I don't think Dream Interpretation is an exact science, or if dreams really mean anything, but I've always been fascinated by the subconscious and the psyche, so I'm open to the possibility that there is more to your dreams then just a random series of events that makes absolutely no sense.

Nevertheless, I think I'm going to pay attention more to my dreams from now on. . .


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