It's a Mad World

Ok, I need to go out and do a lot of research, because I have discovered I'm completely clueless about this year's nominations for President. We got McCain who has pretty much clenched the Republican Nomination for President, and we've got the ongoing battle between Clinton and Obama.

For the longest time, I was on the 'anybody but Clinton' fence, but that is showing to be a bad choice of words.

So you've got the Lefties who are all going nuts over Obama, McCain appears to be getting the moderate vote, and Conservatives are actually stumping for Clinton? What is this world coming to when you have Ann Coulter actively campaigning for Hillary?

But what do I know, honestly? I just found out I don't know jack! I need to look at what is important to me in this election and see who is running on what platforms and figure out who is about what and who is most compatible with me.

Ironically, I admit to stumping for Obama on the democratic ticket, but now I'm wishing that Hillary was in the lead again.

What the hell? I think I'm going to focus on stocking up on necessities and wait for the end of the world, because hell is certainly about to freeze over.

Anybody know any good links to get through the jargon of exactly what the candidates stance is? Or should I even bother asking?

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