Childhood Nastalgia of Strange Foods

When I was a strange wee child of perhaps eight or nine, my favorite food in the world was microwave burritos. And not just ANY microwave burrito, it had to be Lynn Wilson microwave burritos, preferably the beef and bean, which was my favorite. I don't know what it was about them, but they were the bestest things ever in my mind's eye, and according to my stomach.

For some reason, the only place I have ever seen Lynn Wilson Burritos is in a supermarket called Smith's, which I've only really seen in Utah and surrounding states. There are no Smith's in Washington, though Smith's is owned by Kroeger, and Kroeger owns Fred Meyer, and we have Fred Meyer, so why don't we have Lynn Wilson Burritos? I don't know.

When we moved from Utah to California in 1990, I left behind the Lynn Wilson Burritos of my childhood cravings and missed them terribly. Being the absurdly strange child that I was, and having understanding parents, whenever we made a trek back to Utah for whatever reason, we picked up a box of Lynn Wilson Burritos and brought them back with us to California, and I would try to stretch them out for as long as I could, but it didn't help when everybody ate them with me. They were gone in a few short weeks, and I had to wait for another trip to Utah to restore my supply. But trips to Utah were very few and far between, so it was one of those special treats I got.

Well, fast forward a few years when I outgrew random food cravings such as a specific brand of Microwave Burrito, where I discovered that there are other foods out there that are pretty darn good as well (like Sushi, and Thai food) and now I don't crave the Lynn Wilson Burrito. However, on my recent trip to Utah, I couldn't resist. I made a short stop at a Smith's supermarket and picked up one loan Lynn Wilson Burrito for a paltry fifty cents. I threw it in the cooler for the trip home and when I got in last night, I put the thawed burrito in the microwave, nuked it and ate it.

It still tastes just like a Lynn Wilson Burrito.

Some things never change. Fortunately, my tastes have matured so I appreciate the finer aspects of life, and don't go craving microwaveable burritos anymore. But they are still good.

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