I Fondue, do you?

On Wednesday my sister called me asking if I could help her with her business. She sells things on eBay, which I know is a very redneck type thing to do, and since I have this nice new camera, she wanted to try it out and see how she took to it, since she's looking at getting one.

Afterwards, she was telling me that there is a restaurant that recently opened in town called the Melting Pot and if I wanted to check it out with her. We called my brother Jared to see if he wanted to come to and the three of us went to this little restaurant without fully realizing what it was exactly.

And me, in my usual dressed up self, complete with flip flops, walked in without a reservation and we found ourselves enjoying a little Fondue in a fairly upscale restaurant.

If I had known what kind of place this was, I would have worn a little makeup. Or something other then a tank top.

Well, since we were there, and we don't do these kinds of things all that often, we went for the gusto and just shared the full blown one between the three of us. We started out with the cheese fondue, which I wasn't to fond of, but was something different then what I'm used to. And then we went into the salad and then the main fondue meal. We got a series of meats to stir up, and had a grand old time trying to keep the meat on the fondue forks.

Have some uncooked Chicken!

That is some good stuff! It is definitely something that you don't go out and eat every other day, this is something to splurge and enjoy every now and again, or special occaisions. Like family get togetherness.

I'm not usually a sweet tooth, but we got the chocolate fondue as well, sharing some of the treats between three people when it is really only meant for two leaves some people missing out, but I was quite fond fo the bananas and strawberries. The rice crispy treats were pretty good too.

Fondue on Fire!

This is my nice expensive camera, yes, but the lens will still blur in poor light, and my sister is the anti-flash user, so when she takes pictures, she only likes to use natural/ambient light.

Later, across the skywalk to get back to our cars, we had a random kodak moment.

Yes, I be a goober. Such a stunning shot of downtown, with me blocking the view with my strange self and my equally strange brother.

Fondue is fun, I would recommend making it a special occaision or something however. It does add up.

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