No Longer a Vagrant Bum

My Vagrant Bum days are over.

To catch you up, I screwed over a shoplifter and lost my job back in January. Because I initially thought I would be mobilizing in March, and I had money in the checking account because I've been fiscally responsible (sort of), I didn't seek out a job right away.

Of course, my mobilization got delayed, the way mobilizations do, but by that time, I didn't think it was right to go hunt for a job that was worth getting only to tell them 'hey, i'm going to kentucky for the summer, see ya', so I just focused on school instead. Only that I had cut back on my schooling before I lost my job because I thought I would be going to Kentucky in March instead of May.

Well, to make a long story short, I've been unemployed since January, doing my one weekend a month thing and living on my military income. And it's been great. A whole lot of doing a whole lot of nothing. Which has left me not having a lot to blog about.

Unfortunately, that all comes to an end. *sighs* I'm gearing up to go to Fort Knox here soon.

With Fort Knox, I don't think its exactly a huge opsec thing if I mention dates, but I'll still try to keep things fairly vague.

Anyway, next week is all about Combat Life Saver course. Where I get to learn all about IVs. I might get it again when I get to Fort Knox, but you can never have to much practice poking people with needles. Of course, that means I'll get poked with needles too.

Well, I'm pretty much on orders until the army decides it doesn't need me anymore, for one thing or another. Which means I'm no longer a vagrant bum. No longer unemployed.

No longer have mass amounts of free time to spend days doing absolutely nothing.

When I get to Knox, that's all going to be bye bye.

You know, I'm looking forward to it.

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